SHECKYmagazine PODCAST Episode #13!

The latest episode of our podcast is entitled "Did Ricky Gervais Cheapen The Golden Globes?" Spoiler Alert: Ricky Gervais DID NOT cheapen the Golden Globes when he hosted the 77th edition of that award show. They were pretty cheap already! Download it now and listen along as we take apart Gervais's takedown and the ensuing preposterous reaction! And keep up on the latest efforts to destroy the Gig Economy-- in New Jersey and nationwide!! The SHECKYmagazine PODCAST is fast, fun, furious and frivolous! And it's available EVERYWHERE for download! Click below to start the podball rolling!

Episode 7 of the SHECKYmagazine PODCAST! "Bigotry And Bloodshed"

In Episode 7, "Bigotry And Bloodshed," Brian & Traci walk the listener through the "Comedy Civil War" and the "blowback" that some comics are experiencing! You may not be interested in P.C. Culture, but P.C. Culture is interested in you!

The SHECKYmagazine Podcast!

They stopped writing and started talking! Brian McKim & Traci Skene now produce the SHECKYmagazine Podcast, a conversation between the editors and publishers of the WWW's most beloved magazine about standup! Listen in! It's available for dowloand EVERYwhere!

Brian McKim on "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson"

SE10/EP30, AIRED OCT 11, 2013, CBS If you can't see a video, it's because the folks at CBS have taken it down (again!) for copyright violations. Come back later-- we'll just upload another copy!

McKim on Semifinal Episode of "Last Comic Standing!"

Brian Mckim on Season 7, Episode 5 of NBC's "Last Comic Standing.
The second of two Semifinal Episodes. Original airdate: 07/05/10.
Original taping date: 04/14/10, Alex Theatre, Glendale, CA.

Brian McKim & Traci Skene on "Last Comic Standing!"

Season 7, Episode 3 of NBC's reality show, taped at Gotham (NYC) auditions.
Original airdate: 06/21/10/ Original tape date: 03/22/10.

The authors on KNPR's "State of Nevada!"

Las Vegans wishing to hear a lengthy interview with "Mr. & Mrs. Comedy" can, through the magic of Podcastitism! (Even those who are outside of KNPR’s footprint can hear it!) Hop on and listen instantly by clicking here.

We were quizzed on our book (of course!) and on a variety of other subjects like our appearance on NBC's Last Comic Standing, what it’s like being married standup comics, how we come up with material and hecklers. The wide-ranging interview took place in the KNPR studios on the campus of College of Southern Nevada.